Detailed, structured and memorable GDL notes to help you recall the detail you need for a distinction



We've focused on including all the detail you need to get a distinction, whilst keeping text clear and concise.



Absolutely packed with 94 flowcharts, structures and crime cards to ace problem questions.



Beautifully set out, making use of full colour, pictures and mnemonics to ensure you can remember material in the exams.

Up-to-date, concise, and very well geared towards answering problem questions with a clear structure
— Floatnotes customer

Recall and structure complex concepts in exams

Floatnotes gives you invaluable logical structures, carefully set out to accurately depict the law in a memorable way. This helps with the enormous challenge of remembering high volumes of complex material for the exams. Clear, colourful and concise flowcharts give you a way of thinking about, understanding and remembering a topic. These are then followed up with comprehensive but concise points that allow you to flesh out your exam answers with the detail you need to get a distinction. 

Simple layout - particularly the usage of diagrams makes it very easy to revise from
— Floatnotes customer

Clear and well thought through

Because one student's notes might not make sense to another, Floatnotes have been clearly re-written from scratch for anyone to understand, not just those who wrote them. The writing is plain, unabbreviated and to-the-point to maintain the highest standards of clarity. Complex law is explained concisely in simple terms. 

They have been written solely by students with training contracts at magic circle and top-6 UK firms. Over the past five years, we have sought much feedback from our readers on the content, incorporating their comments to produce the highly refined edition available today.


Remember the detail


Graphic flowcharts, great for visual learners, provide a framework for answering exam questions. 

Logical flowcharts take you step-by-step down the path you need to reach the correct answer to a factual question, whilst radial diagrams link related topics for essay style answers.


Prioritisation of points and cases

Text formatting makes use of bright colours to make pages of text distinctive and memorable.

A simple scheme helps you prioritise learning of the most important points and cases first.

Full colour

There's no use in notes you can't remember in an exam, so we make extensive use of colour to help you remember them.

Clear, easy to use, bright
— Floatnotes customer
Different colours makes it easier to remember each point
— Floatnotes customer

Packed with memory-aid images

Floatnotes are packed with images that make the text come alive, helping you to remember concepts and case names.

Crime cards

Every crime covered has a 'crime card' clearly setting out each element of the mens rea and actus reus that need to be satisfied for an offence to have been committed. Detailed text then gives points to make and cases to reference when considering each element.


Mnemonics make for effective and rapid learning of content and accurate recollection in the exams.

You go into great detail on each workshop, which is appreciated
— Floatnotes customer

Over five years Floatnotes have been trusted by a huge number students to gain exceptional marks in their exams.

They've told us what they love about Floatnotes.


Makes revision quicker and easier
— Floatnotes customer
Concise, colourful and memorable
— Floatnotes customer
Comprehensive, up to date, well constructed, prioritising of information and cases
— Floatnotes customer
If you don’t have time to do sufficient reading for a Workshop, I’ve found them to be a worthy substitute
— Floatnotes customer (we advise using them in addition to, rather than instead of, your course materials)


Written by previous University of Law students, the content is perfectly tailored as a one-stop-shop for the University of Law GDL, covering all subjects, lectures, i-tutorials and workshops. Floatnotes are also highly applicable to the BPP, City, Nottingham and other GDL courses as well as the fundamental areas of law covered in university LLB courses.

Up to date

Floatnotes have been thoroughly updated from last year's popular edition to cover this year’s exams. New cases from the past year have been added, as well as older cases now recognised as more important.

See the notes for yourself with our extensive sample content.

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