Can I buy an individual subject?

We sell Floatnotes as a single bound book covering seven fundamental areas of English law. We do not sell individual subjects separately. 

How quickly will my order arrive?

We understand how important it is to get your Floatnotes fast and aim to dispatch all orders as fast as possible and within three working days. Orders are sent via Royal Mail's First Class post which aims to deliver the next working day (including Saturdays). If you don't receive your order within a week, contact us at

How many pages are in Floatnotes?

Floatnotes contain just over 280 pages across the seven subjects. We aim to give you all the detail required for a distinction, whilst keeping them concise.

What format do Floatnotes come in?

Floatnotes come as a spiral bound book containing seven subjects. It's designed to easily lie flat on the desk when revising. We do not sell a digital version.

I've ordered twice or given the wrong delivery address

Please let us know as soon as possible at so that we have a good chance of catching the order before it is shipped.

When are Floatnotes released?

We release Floatnotes in October or November each year, for the start of that academic year. 

Are payments secure?

Payments are made by our secure payment provider Stripe, as implemented by Squarespace. Stripe is a leading payment provider that handles billions of pounds of transactions each year and has industry leading security standards. Card details are only processed by Stripe and are not passed on to ourselves. A secure padlock icon, showing an encrypted internet connection, will appear in your browser window once you proceed to the checkout.

Which courses are Floatnotes relevant to?

Floatnotes were written by University of Law students for their GDL course. They therefore cover all workshops, i-tutorials and lectures for that course. In covering the fundamental areas of UK law they are also highly relevant to other GDL courses at BPP, Nottingham and City as well as undergraduate LLB courses.

I'm studying over two years, when should I buy Floatnotes?

If you have exams over two years, we would recommend buying Floatnotes in your first year so that you have the benefit of them for all of your exams. You will however have to be very careful whilst studying throughout the year to look our for any changes to the law which may have made the material out of date.