We implement active anti-photocopying policies to prevent and deal with illegal copying

We’ve worked really hard to bring you a great set of notes. Illegal photocopying and redistribution has the potential to seriously undermine our efforts and damage our business. We’d like to thank you for legitimately purchasing our notes and recognise the honesty of the vast majority of our customers. We do however provide the following information on relevant measures and policies we have in place.

Strong track record

  • We have a strong track record of pursuing past breaches, taking appropriate action with respect to the individuals concerned.

Loss of colour information

  • Coloured text and flowcharts lose their memorable appeal and loss of key colouring makes diagrams hard to understand. For many people coloured text and notes are far more easy to remember than samey pages of grey text.

Electronic reporting using QR codes

  • QR codes on every page allow for quick and easy reporting of breaches. Each QR code contains the set of note's unique identification number, assigned to the purchaser of that particular copy. Simply scan the code in the bottom right hand corner with your smartphone and you will automatically be taken to a website where you can report photocopying of that set of notes. The website also allows you to add any further evidential details, before submitting the report.
  • Floatnotes are then likely to contact the purchaser before reporting the breach to the relevant authorities, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The SRA consider dishonesty offences to be highly relevant when making character suitability decisions upon enrolment.
  • Photocopying and distributing our notes can be a criminal offence under section 107(1)(e) Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (c. 48) punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment (SI 2002/2749) and/or a fine.

Unique ID numbers

  • Every purchaser’s name, address and PayPal account details are associated with a unique ID number which is printed on every page of Floatnotes. This allows the source of an illegal distribution to be traced.

Hidden ID markings

  • Multiple hidden unique markings in each copy allow the source of photocopying to be identified, even if QR codes and ID numbers are removed.