We aim for Floatnotes to be perfectly accurate. We therefore publish any addendum items for the current edition here. You can report an inaccuracy for addition to this list here.

  • Page 17: the last bullet point under 'Contractual obligations owned to the other contracting party' should read 'the benefit to B [not A] is capable of being consideration for A's [not B's] promise'.
  • Page 84 and 88: following the judgement in R v Ivey, although the comments were obiter, discussion by Lord Hughes suggests that the authority for the dishonesty test is now likely to be that set out in Royal Brunei Airlines Sdn Bhd v Tan, as clarified in Barlow Clowes International Ltd v Eurotrust International Ltd. The Barlow Clowes test removes the subjective element from the Ghosh test, judging the defendant by an objective standard alone.
  • Page 144: 'R v MAFF ex p Hedley Thomas' should read 'R v MAFF ex p Hedley Lomas'.
  • Page 220: 'Magna Carter' should read 'Magna Carta'.
  • Page 235: 'Congreave' should read 'Congreve'.
  • Page 235: Westminster Corp v LNWR: the action is allowed if it is the primary purpose. The word 'not' should not be present.
  • Page 242: The word 'be' should not be included under the heading 'Key Human Rights' to make the sentence read correctly.
  • Page 267: the amount which may be claimed for bereavement is now £12,980 following an increase.
  • Page 267: under '1976 Act' (right hand side), deduction for self-spending is 25% for those married with dependent children and 33% for those where there is only a dependent spouse. The 25%/33% was stated the incorrect way around.
  • Page 267: under 'pecuniary losses: earnings', the Ogden tables apply both to finding the appropriate multiplier to calculate lost earnings as well as a reduction for investment.