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  • Get ahead with colourful, clear and concise GDL notes, written by previous College of Law GDL students.
  • Up to date for the 2015 exams.
  • Absolutely packed with 94 flowcharts, structures and crime cards to ace problem questions.
  • Beautifully set out, presenting material in the most memorable way.
  • Content is perfect for the College of Law GDL, covering all subjects and workshops.
  • Highly applicable to the BPP, Kaplan, City, Nottingham and other GDL exams as well as university LLB exams.

Understand the law

You go into great detail on each workshop, which is appreciated

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

Makes revision quicker and easier

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

  • Getting on top of all the content for the exams can be tough. Floatnotes have been recompiled from the notes of past students who've been there before and know where they wished they'd begun.
  • However good your notes are, it's always great to have a second take. Floatnotes give you invaluable logical structures, carefully thought out by previous students.
  • Consistently high quality is ensured by combining notes from the students who have really mastered each topic.
  • Floatnotes have been clearly re-written for anyone to understand, not just those who wrote them.
  • Floatnotes have been written by solely by students with training contracts at magic circle and top-6 UK firms.
  • Floatnotes can help you improve your grade at a tiny fraction of your course fees.

Remember in the exams

  • It's no use having great notes unless you can remember them in the exam. On the GDL, remembering seven huge areas of law at once is a memory ordeal. Floatnotes are presented in ways which are easy to remember.

Concise, colourful and memorable

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

  • 'Visual learners' will love the graphical approach.
  • The text follows the structure diagrams so that you can answer problem quesions in the same way you learned them.

Original diagrams and flowcharts

  • Floatnotes contain 93 flowcharts and diagrams to walk you through problem questions.
  • Floanotes' original diagrams turn bland text into memorable structures.
diagram2 diagram3 diagram4 diagram5 diagram6

Simple layout - particularly the usage of diagrams makes it very easy to revise from

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Full colour throughout

  • Floatnotes make use of full colour throughout.
  • Psychological studies show colour images are remembered in more detail than those in black and white.
  • Coloured groups of text helps your mind organise material and avoid confusion.

Different colours also makes it easier to remember each point

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

Clear, easy to use, bright

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

Memory-aid images


The colours, pictures and flow charts do make the text more accessible

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

  • It's easier to learn when you have pictures to associate text with.
  • Over 380 memory-aid images allow you to put abstract law into a memorable context.
  • Lively and interesting notes makes revision that little bit more bearable.


  • Mnemonics are a tried and trusted learning technique.
  • Otherwise random lists are brought together with entertaining mnemonics.
  • Many mnemonics also have memorable pictures to help you remember the mnemonic itself.

Up to date for the 2015 exams

  • Floatnotes have been updated to cover the 2015 exams from last year's hugely popular edition.
  • The notes have been thoroughly updated in all areas to reflect recent developments law.
  • New cases from the past year have been added, as well as older cases now recognised as more important.
  • We've taken into account lots of feedback from last year's readers, incorporating many of their suggestions.
  • We've also set up an online updates page where readers can view any updates to their notes following publication, as well as submit updates themselves.

Up-to-date, concise, and very well geared towards answering problem questions with a clear structure

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

Re-written for you

Helps put the manual in other words. Having things rephrased makes some aspects easier to understand

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

  • One student's notes often won't make sense to another, which is why Floatnotes have been entirely re-written so that students other than the note creators can understand them.
  • Floatnotes are written in full sentences and avoid uncommon abbreviations to maintain the highest standards of clarity.
  • Complex law is explained concisely in simple terms.

Learn fast

Comprehensive, up to date, well constructed, prioritising of information and cases

Floatnotes Customer Feedback

If you don't have time to do sufficient reading for a Workshop, I've found them to be a worthy substitute

Floatnotes Customer Feedback.
Please note Floatnotes should be used in addittion to, not a replacement for other work!

  • Time spent researching notes can now be spent learning them.
  • Case names are formatted differently to represent their importance, so you can start with the most important and then learn the others with what time you have.
  • Fundamental points jump out of the text, whilst important points are coloured. This lets you make sure you've got the basics before adding in detail.
  • Cut the crap. The content covers College of Law workshops perfectly and doesn't go into stuff that wouldn't be useful in an exam. You know from the start what you have to learn.

Range of courses

  • Floatnotes can be particularly useful for GDL and LLB students at institutions which do not provide consolidated content.
  • They provide condensed highly revisable content, unlike hefty undergraduate textbooks.

Tried and trusted

  • Floatnotes were hugely popular last year, helping loads of students revise fast and raise their grades.
  • Floatnotes have become a GDL essential, helping to improve understanding throughout the year, and speed up revision for the exams.

Good luck

  • We've put tons of effort into producing these notes, which we hope make your course an easier experience, make you a better lawyer and allow you to work where you most want to.

Next steps

  • See for yourself by checking out our extensive sample here or topics covered here.
  • Purchase Floatnotes, with free delivery, here.
  • We take unauthorised photocopying very seriously and actively implement policies against it - see here.
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